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Corporate Wellness

WorkSite Health Makes Wellness Easy

We are dedicated to providing wellness services to workplaces across America. Our collaborative team offers extraordinary client care with an emphasis on respect and confidentiality. For 17 years, we have remained committed to our goal of fostering healthy and thriving work environments. With a track record that includes nearly 1 million participants in more than 3,000 work sites nationwide, we are confident that our company can help you meet your corporate wellness goals.

Let Our Infrastructure Lead Your Program to Success

When it comes to health in the workplace, we understand that you have a variety of options. There are many screening companies that you can choose from - so what makes us different? We are unique in the field of corporate health and wellness services because of the heart behind what we do.

At WorkSite Health, we work hard to make implementing a wellness program simple and straightforward for the companies we serve. We understand that screenings require great care. Many details must come together to create a flawless experience for your employees. Our team is committed to working with you to provide a seamless, easy experience - which in turn leads to high participation rates and a high return on investment for your company. Simply choose from among the screening packages we offer to find the plan that works best for your company.

Call us... We can help!

You'll be excited to learn about who we serve and what our clients say about us. Our goal is to work with you to achieve your individual goals of corporate wellness. Call WorkSite Health and lets begin creating a wellness program that works for you.

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