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About WorkSite Health

Serving American Workplaces for Nearly 20 Years

WorkSite Health has been successfully implementing employee health screenings for 17 years. Our company began by offering cholesterol testing and flu vaccinations for businesses in Southern California. With our blue ribbon customer service and dedication to the client, WorkSite Health quickly grew to offer an array of health screening services and vaccinations to employers and employees across the United States.

To date, WorkSite Health has screened nearly 1 million participants at 3,000 work sites - giving us experience you can count on. WorkSite Health aims to provide participants with accurate health information and the incentives necessary to act on that information. We also provide employers with a wellness strategy that works. We strive to accomplish this goal by executing action plans based on our values.

Values of WorkSite Health

Serving Others: Providing extraordinary service to our clients and participants is a cornerstone of our mission.

Care and Confidentiality: Learning about your health status is a private matter. Our practitioners know this; therefore, every station in our screening process is handled with careful and demonstrated confidentiality. Individual participant information is never shared with an employer.

Teamwork: Every service we deliver is provided by a team dedicated to collaboration, idea generation, and goal achievement.

Respect: We believe in treating fellow employees, clients, and participants in a dignified, service- oriented manner.

Contact us today for free wellness advising!

With a lasting commitment to services tailored to meet the unique needs and goals of our individual clients, WorkSite Health is the right choice for your corporate wellness needs. We can help you achieve your goal of creating a workplace environment that puts health and well-being first, increasing productivity and profit along the way. Researchers have found that 70 percent of all healthcare costs are preventable. Learn how WorkSite Health can help you improve your company's performance and enhance your employees' quality of life: Call WorkSite Health today for a cost-free evaluation.

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WorkSite Health
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