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Who we are...

A California based biometric screening company with a national presence.

What we do…

Help companies and organizations, like yours, create and provide the perfect onsite wellness solution.

What are you looking for in a screening company?

  • There's more to it than just price. When it comes to wellness, price may not be your only factor in your decision to choose a wellness provider.
  • Will the company you choose hire professionals and treat your employees the way you would treat them?
  • Will you have a direct point of contact and get the information you need in a timely manner?
  • Will the staff and supplies arrive on time or will you have to reschedule your event?

These are important questions that are sometimes overlooked when searching for a screening company. However, the answers will make or break your company's entire wellness initiative.

Our #1 Screening Package that delivers the important #'s:

  • Finger-stick Analysis for Total Cholesterol, High Density Lipoprotein, and Glucose
  • Height / Weight / Waist
  • Blood Pressure
  • 3-5 Minute Coaching Session

Make It Easier...

Home Test KIts are an excellent option for getting the most important numbers without the entanglement of coordinating an onsite screening.

Health Screening Solutions
Home Test Kits
Health Risk Assessment
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Located at 4607 Lakeview Canyon, #615, Westlake Village, CA 91361
Phone: (866) 934-9355